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It Takes A Community To Build A Community

It takes a community to build a community. We can only do this together. So, come and join us. Add your voice, lend your hand, be the feet and let’s do build our community together.

We're Building Our Communitry


We’re calling volunteers and friends of the community to come and join us. Let’s connect and create synergy. Our Community needs us now.

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The Community is also a great place to get to know each other and share opportunities available amongst ourselves to help create the Community We Want!

Join today & invite others as well.

Touching & impacting lives one person at a time. Building the community. Creating the future today. If we do not do it, no one will do it for us!

Together. Touching Lives!

Real Action in our community. When we come together, great things do happen. Come join our Team of Volunteers today. Simply click the button below, then fill up a form & we will contact you.

Free Hair Cut At City Hope Homeless Shelter November 2021

When we come together great things happen. A Volunteer Barber giving a free hair cut to a homeless man (Thanksgiving 2021).

A homeless man at City Hope Shelter (St. Louis, MO) got a fresh new look from a Volunteer Barber (Thanksgiving 2021).

Free Hair Cut - City Hope Homeless Shelter - November 2021

Many Ways To Get Involved

When you give to Empowering You 2 Move, your contribution helps promote both individual and collective transformation and growth. Learn how you can help us strengthen our community together, and many other communities around us.
Evidence Of Victory - Book Cover 1 (Author - Kiesha Nicole Williams)


All the proceeds from this book go entirely to fund the work of Empowering You 2 Move to empower our community.

This a story of a girl who was born with a handicap. That was a setback from the start. Then she experienced rape, rejection and physical attacks throughout her life.

Nevertheless, just as incredible as the odds were stacked against from birth, Kiesha Nicole Williams also had an incredible determination to overcome and live a an incredible life of compassion, love and generosity to her community. This is a must-read for everyone.

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