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The Evidence Of Victory

Paperback - October 27, 2020

This a story of a girl who was born with a handicap. That was a setback from the start. Then she experienced rape, rejection and physical attacks throughout her life.

Nevertheless, just as incredible as the odds were stacked against from birth, Kiesha Nicole Williams also had an incredible determination to overcome and live a an incredible life of compassion, love and generosity to her community. This is a must-read for everyone.

Evidence Of Victory - Book Cover 1 (Author - Kiesha Nicole Williams)
Kiesha Nicole Williams (The Evidence of Victory)


Kiesha Nicole Williams

Kiesha was born for VICTORY. As a newborn baby she was born handicap and her parents were told she would never walk. However, her spirit and determination proved the doctors wrong.

As she grew up in St. Louis during the 90s, she faced difficulties and challenges from family, friends, schools, and life as a whole. It seemed that life was against her and found comfort in trying to hold her down.

With the help of her Savior Jesus Christ, she conquered rape, teenage pregnancy, physical abuse, and multiple physical attacks on her body.

Yet, she still conquered it all as her faith and strength grew to make her VICTORIOUS.