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Welcome To Our New Website

Welcome to our new website and blog. This is my first article and I would like to connect with you and share our passion for uplifting our community.

Empowering You 2 Move is a Community Development organization dedicated to the well being of every individual and family  within our community. We deliver a variety of social services and behavior modification solutions to uplift, restore, educate, and strengthen lives.

There is strength in the meaning of 'Family!'

We believe there is power in the meaning of family and community. In order to bring lasting positive change in our communities and empower the people, we need to become a “Village” again. We need to reunite the generations around the common goal of building a brighter future, together.

Our strategy is therefore to engage the community so we can work together. We provide the tools and knowledge to turn members of the community into Advocates on behalf of the community. The goal is to build a healthier and safer environment.

Housing Stabilization Program

A key factor to building a healthier and safer community is to ensure housing stabilization for the people. When a family loses their house, all the members of that family are exposed to all sorts of dangers including drugs, violence, rape, crimes, etc.

The children will not be able to go to school and marriages will be broken. In addition to the original trauma of losing the house, homelessness adds new traumas.

Our Housing Stabilization Program is designed to keep families in their homes and prevent homelessness. We help enroll people in the Missouri SAFHR (State Assistance For Housing Relief) Program that provides assistance for past-due rent, forward rent, and/or utilities. We are serving residents of the City of St. Louis City, St. Louis County and St. Charles County in the State of Missouri.

Our Services

Our Community Development Programs are expanding and designed to identify, gather, develop and cultivate resources and opportunities for the empowerment of families.


Housing Programs

Ensuring that families have a decent housing solution is the purpose of this program. We help prevent homelessness by helping the community access available rental and utilities assistance.


Family Empowerment

Family Empowerment evolves around the need for job stability, training, mentoring, counseling,  career development, success in education for the children, and meet the day-to-day needs of the family.

Youth & Teen Programs

Youth & Teen Programs

Teens and youth face challenges that could easily be overlooked. But at that age, it is pretty hard to figure out things or make sense of one’s own rapidly changing situation. We provide mentoring programs to help them.

Kiesha Williams - Founder/CEO
Kiesha Williams, CEO & Founder

Building The Community Together

I have said this earlier but I am going to repeat it: We believe in the value and power of engaging the members of our communities to empower them to become the Champions of and Advocates for the Cause of empowering the community today and for future generations.

This is an invitation to you. Consider joining us for this cause. We are a Charitable (Non-Profit) Organization registered under Section 501(c)(3) of the United States Internal Revenue Services (IRS). When you donate resources and / or investing your time in this cause, you are not supporting this Organization. You are helping build the future that we want our children and grand-children to be a part of. You become the future.