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We are expanding our Programs to be able to support our Community better. In order to achieve sustainable housing stability, it is important to address a variety of issues beyond just the inability to pay rent.

True Community empowerment requires that we strengthen all the pillars that create viability in every member of that community in a coordinated and systematic way.

We believe that we will have greater impact in uplifting our community by adding these programs to our offerings.

Family Empowerment

We target individuals from 19 to 59 years old. Our goal is to accompany families to build strong households by empowering them with life skills that produce personal growth & community stability.

Senior & Disabled Assistance

Our programs will offer the assistance they need to have a normal life by providing personal assistance including mobility, household maintenance, mental support, etc.

Teen/Youth Programs

This program targets young people from birth to age 19. Our programs and activities are aimed at preparing and inspiring them early in life to want to achieve more. We'll work to instill confidence and a desire to break all the boundaries that would otherwise hold them back.

Housing Stability

We are working with other agencies, including US Federal Government Agencies to give the community access to resources to prevent homelessness. This program includes first time home buying training, financial literacy mentorship, etc.

How We Help The Community

Current Projects

We are here to uplift, restore, educate, and strengthen lives in our community one person at a time! We want to empower people of all ages through economic empowerment through job training, financial literacy, tutoring; housing Stabilization through rental and re-housing assistance, and Assistance to Seniors & Disabled by providing housing support, assistance with household needs, etc.

Housing Assistance
Housing Stabilization

The best cure for anything is prevention. So, we are addressing the problem of homelessness that has plagued the Saint Louis with a dual approach to the crisis: (1) Rental Assistance – This provides assistance to renters who are falling behind o their rent payment and therefore face an impending threat of eviction; (2) Helping people to quickly get a place to live after they have become homeless.

Economic Empowerment

We run a variety of programs that are geared to empower the community economically through such programs as job training, career development, financial literacy, private and/or group tutoring, etc.

Assistance To Seniors

Through our Seniors’ Assistance Program, we identify seniors who are facing housing problems, food insecurity and other issues that are unique to the seniors in our community. These include providing household items, rental assistance, ending homelessness, etc.

Tutoring For Students

We are committed to seeing our children go through their education so that they may secure good jobs for themselves and their future families. Our School Children Tutoring Program pair students in need of tutoring with tutors who are available to help them.

Families We have helped with RENT ASSISTANCE through SAFHR Program since April 2022


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